The Montreal International Jazz Festival, Editorial


There is no doubt that the Jazz Festival is the highlight of Montreal's summer, the expression of the city's vitality, its admiration of art and music ... in short, its beauty.

The greatest music fest in Canada is right at our doorstep in Montreal and whether we like it or not, we are part of it: from the traditional fan who attends a paid concert or two each year to the cool souls hanging out near the blues stage at 9:00 PM every night waiting to fill their heads with blues and smoke. Of course, how could we forget our dancers who find in the rhythms of world beat, much more than plane ticket to the tropics.

Having attended the festival religiously for the past decade or so I cannot but feel a sense of ownership towards it, a feeling of sadness when the newspapers bash the big event and a feeling of pride and happiness when the weather is fine and the festival is prosperous. I have always wanted my opinion of the festival and its events to be heard, have you?

This site is intended as a forum to exchange opinions amongst those who care about the festival specifically and about the subject of jazz in general. It aims to promote the Montreal Jazz Festival and represent the voices of the attendees who cannot afford more than an E-mail. It is the people's jazz site.




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